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Made famous by “Lady Marmalade”, this song lyric is also a very direct pick-up line. So, unless you want to ask someone to have sexual intercourse, stay away from that line.

You have no idea how many times a student naïvely said that to me to show they knew “some” French. Here are some French synonyms and expressions for ‘making love’.

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This means to fuck, in the physical way as well as the mental one, just like ‘to get screwed’.

In that case, it is mostly used in the reflexive form: “se faire baiser”.

There are tons of vulgar expressions about it, the most common one being “baiser” used as a verb.Whether you are quoting a famous song, trying to be funny or just being totally naive, some statement or questions are going to upset / irritate / annoy or simply just rub a French person the wrong way.Here is my top 9 list of comments to avoid if you want to make or keep French friends.Learn French using Skype on Preply - good quality classes with prices starting from /hour.A large selection of our tutors are native speakers.

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