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forget food when there’s something else you could be eating... Search Postcode uk for possible partners near to your work address and your lunch hour could become a hell of a lot more interesting...Before you can say “Isn’t this a bit similar to Shirley Valentine?”, the gals are off on an adventure, with Jan’s prim urge to have a butcher’s at ancient monuments clashing with Debbie’s primal quest for hanky-panky.Queen of the Nile – his resulting drama for Hull Truck Theatre – begins with the drab spectacle of Lizzie Roper’s scowling, slobby Debbie moaning onto her married mate Jan (Michelle Butterly) about her grim-oop-north, road-to-nowhere existence.But Jan’s own bad news – that her hubby is too tied up with work to go on their package holiday to Egypt – throws up the chance of a lifetime.The worst offender was Saad Victoria, a Manchester-based food and wine merchant, that owed £29.7m in unpaid tax.

Defaulters were found guilty of offences across a range of taxes including VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and PAYE.From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories: I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences" 2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft" 3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft" 4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons" 5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons". And for the lonely traveller looking for a hook up, using to find more interesting things to do than watch porn in a hotel room is the best idea you’ll have on your trip away.For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

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