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Alternate clothing Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item: Look on the autoshop roof.

During the "Help Gary" mission, make your way to the boiler room.

The Diageo World Class South East Asia Finals and Bar Show this year; it was great to watch bartenders and industry experts all come together to compete, share and build the amazing community that is unique to the bartending industry place in the 2016 “Asia’s 50 Best Bars” list, Jigger & Pony is steadily climbing the ranks among world-class cocktail bars in the region.

Even across the globe, Jigger & Pony has made a name for itself in the international cocktail scene having been listed as one of 2015’s “Bars to Watch” by Drinks International for “The World’s 50 Best Bars”.

if you play the game once, he can be found by going to "scenes" in the menu page then clicking the scene titled "hint #1" and clicking somewhere on that screen (not in the chat box) c:when you click the music note, the dialogue should change (in the gray box below) from "upon closer inspection..." to "suddenly you..."after that, you can just click the arrows normally and you'll get baekhyun yep!

Submitted by: demonwarrior13 In your English class, you will have word puzzles to answer. You must use a second PS2 controller to input the codes!

All Weapons -- Hold L1 and input UP, UP, UP, UP Money -- Hold L1 and input TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, X while playing. So to use this in your favour, move as far away from the person with the ball, wait till the ball gets thrown, and hit L2.

The ball will hit you but it won't count; then just pick it up and do the jumpshot and you will be winning in no time! Danvers (Crabblesnitch’s secretary) fancies white underwear. When she grabs you for being naughty, stomp her foot and take a peak while she’s hopping up and down.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Bully for Play Station 2.

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