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I love her," Alexander told Stern, but explained that, like his character, he didn’t know how to play off of her.

"We could do the most horrible things to her," Alexander said, "but the audience was still on my side." Alexander then recalled how the rest of the cast shared his sentiment.

“So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta.”In a truly bananas interview, Paltrow told Stern everything he could have wanted to know about the actress—and then some.

“I used to say bad things about everybody,” Stern said, with an air of apology.She’s also single — and chalks that up to her pop’s habit of blabbing about graphic sex on the airwaves five days a week.“It’s rare I go on dates [now],” Emily tells The Post.“Things have changed a little bit since last time I was single. We don't do that anymore.' So, yeah, it's been quite a big change.” , “I’m probably overdoing it.

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