Avg antivirus updating

What a joke of a company and a giant waste of my time. When I moved to France, I decided to upgrade on general principles - it seemed as though I was moving closer to known bad guys and I would be depending on my ability to use my laptop for work and to communicate with family and friends. First, it didn't seem to do any more for my machine than a combination of CCleaner and Microsoft's own utilities could do. But more annoying, endlessly annoying, are the pop ups from AVG's marketing people. Note: Because I use free AVG Antivirus, I guess you could say that myself and lots of other users have a somewhat 'personal' relationship with AVG [see words in 'certify' area]. Sorry I was a CE/CS/SQA engineer for years during the UNIX, VMS, Apple put 4 5 inch disks in to boot DAYS...

I made the mistake of trying PC Tune UP as an add-on to my account. Every day for weeks, in the middle of work or play. Update to free AVG Antivirus always wants to trick me into downloading Google's stuff for chrome and something else I am unable to evaluate. See boxes usually hidden down in their smaller type. To right before CELL phone apps, was disabled after that and swore off technology (due to the fact that the best job I ever had was with a start-up in MA right before 9-11 and afterwards MA lost 20-30 maybe more engineering jobs from the YOUNG coke snorting drunk driving BUSH JR). I tried to cancel the AVAST vpn by calling some Slavic for communist country (probably with a trump development somewhere) and for 3 months was given the run around by someone whose second language may have been English... They were RUDE, Condescending, Easter European ** who now have a taste of democracy. They could not and never did cancel the one month account that was now going on 3 months.

The software version is 211010 and it has been updated on 2/6/2011.

This document, titled "Manually update AVG anti-virus," is available under the Creative Commons license.AVG reminds me that my subscription has run out and they want my money. They were laughing, rude and were not even listening to what me or my wife has to say. We called Discover who immediately cancelled all future payments and changed the card Number. I have not even tried to delete it yet but I hear it is a Nightmare and there is no UN-install programs.As a customer of their anti-virus suite, I even contacted customer service and complained, saying that I was mad enough not to renew my anti-virus with them unless they stopped the pop ups. Not knowing all the details I then got a 1 year virus subscription to AVG (Stupid me AVAST??? AND THE WORST PART is 1-2 months after I used a credit card to sign up for this Communist service I have had 2 separate credit cards used without my knowledge.Must Read: How to Install AVG 2016 without Zen or AVG Protection?AVG Zen Dashboard: Manage all your devices from a single screen Remote Protection: Scan& Remove PC viruses using your mobile.

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